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"... he paid or offered reward for them to kill, destroy and/or silent me ... bribery, cover-up, harassment, manipulation, perjury, torture were their tools ... there was vigorous false, malicious rumours against me, to get me in trouble ... must confess that even me, I sometimes wonder how I actually got over, survived and overcame all that ... he seemed very happy, suggesting how he successfully bribed everyone I know, including my family ... I did not want to belief what he said, but considering the tactics I later understood was used (deceit, bribery and then blackmail), I felt that it was no longer impossible ... I have no idea how he would have obtained my family/friends numbers except by hacking my telephones ..."

David Abiodun K G B Onafeko.





Answer the following questions/quiz about RCCG Europe Founder/CEO, David Abiodun KGB Onafeko, send your reply to "info@rccg.eu" by 22nd December 2017 and you could win big 23rd December 2017, when any winner is announced.


1. Who said "If its his money you people are spending, let us know ..."

a) Nelson Mandella

b) David Cameron

c) Angela Merkel

d) Tony Blair

e) Xi Jinping

f) none of the above


2. Who said "I cannot think of anyone else that can destroy someone's life and family like this except NO 10 ..."

a) QB Judge/Master

b) Court of Appeal Master

c) Supreme Court Justice

d) UK Attorney General

e) Simon Cow

f) none of the above


3. Who said "Is it not that everyone will just be saying their own thing ... you will not be able to proof this, because its not going to be in writing ..."

a) Joel Osteen

b) Enoch Adeboye

c) UK Chief Justice

d) David Olaniyi Oyedepo

e) Prince Charles de Galles

f) none of the above


4. Who said "... that will be very expensive ... we will have to pay him a lot of money ..."

a) Morethan Ins Exec

b) Bank of Scotland Executive

c) Lloyds Bank Plc Exec

d) Lyon Davidson Sol.s

e) Bank of England CEO

f) none of the above


5. Who said "I just saved someone from been killed ..."

a) Barack Obama

b) TD Jakes

c) Francois Hollande

d) Prince Phillip Mountbatten

e) UK Solicitor General

f) none of the above


6. Who said "... they want to sentence an innocent man ..."

a) Jacob Zuma

b) Queen Elizabeth II

c) Vladimir Putin

d) US Chief Justice John Roberts

e) Mrs Michelle Obama

f) none of the above


7. Who said "... they said I am not allowed to see him ..."

a) Ellie Golding

b) Nicole Scherzinger

c) Rihanna

d) Beyonce

e) Madonna

f) none of the above


8. Who said "... we think his life is Under threat ..."

a) United Kingdom MI5

b) UK Police

c) UK Military

d) The White House

e) UK Judiciary

f) none of the above


9. Why is RCCG.EU Founder, David A K G B Onafeko no longer best friend with Joel Osteen?. Joel Osteen

a) spoke to the press behind him

b) spoke with David AKGB Onafeko's girlfriend

c) did not give David AKGB Onafeko vital information needed to prosecute Dr David Olaniyi Oyedepo, when they met at Ireland

d) smiles too much

e) crys too much

f) none of the above


10. Who offered RCCG.EU founder, David Abiodun K G B Onafeko a plane to keep quiet?

a) Frederick K.C. Price

b) Kenneth Copeland

c) David Olaniyi Oyedepo

d) Creflo Dollar

e) Chris Oyakhilome

f) none of the above.


All entries must have contact détails of contestant including name, address and telephone number. One entry per person only. Terms and Conditions apply. RCCG Europe does not use intermediaries, only publicised telephone numbers below may be used for contact. RCCG EUROPE reserves the right to reject/refuse any entry submitted, especially in cases of fraud. All Rights Reserved.


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The Fall of Idiots



Coming Out 23/12/2017.


"Series coming out from 23rd December 2017. Book may contain explosive raw information about all or everything, for example did David Olaniyi Oyedepo and his errand boy servant, Abraham Ojeme contribute in any way to the writer mother's eye sight and walking probems, is there enough evidence to put them behind bars now, is it still thesame old 'deceit-bribery-blackmail' tactics ..."


Quotes By David Abiodun KGB Onafeko


"... if you really love me so much, how come you came to London, went to the terrorists but never ask of or to see me ..." 06/01/2017.



"... he entangled himself, together with his son in so much lies, perjury, deceit ... they should start catching up him now that there is someone who was part of all these struggle in the whitehouse ... please do not die yet, wait for your prison number and prison cell unit ..." 09/01/2017.



"... I appreciate people who have helped me in any way, manner or form but are today, no longer around like Nelson Mandela. Even though we never met physically, he inspired and encouraged me all the way from South Africa ..." 17/01/2017.



"... I have no hesitation in classifying the following organisations, companies, businesses, individuals etc.:

UK's Lloyds Bank Plc and Bank of Scotland trading as Halifax Plc.

Halifax Insurance Ireland

UK's MoreThan Insurance

UK's Swift Advances Plc.

UK's Lyon Davidson Solicitors

David Olaniyi Oyedepo

as a financial terrorist, fraudulent, money laundering and/or rogue entities..." 18/01/2017.



"... Apart from legal matters and accounting work, my previous businesses include Authorised Dealership of major telephone multinational corporations, supply of office products, even taxi/minicab business, for which I accounted for VAT/Tax Returns ... my accounting roles included working for multi-million budget organisations such as local and health authorities, telecommunications corporations, educational establishments etc ... they all deducted taxes from my income before I had any chance of seeing my salary ... for some morons; who do not even know me, to say so many years afterwards that I have never paid taxes is so ridiculous ... so if that were true:

* where did the taxes I paid go

* was it embezzled by company employers

* is it simply a matter of tax office blunder

* or idiots at work here ...


... it is obviously different if I :

* registered a company name for purpose of future sale

*registered a company name to protect rights etc ...

... those are domant companies and I am perfectly entitled to exemptions on those ..." 31/01/2017.



"... when this first became an issue of my thought, I checked if these countries are paying USA for all these protection, to see is any adverse campaign or allegations can be made in future, but found no evidence of any payment(s). The question is, should United States of America continue to spend billions/trillions of US dollars to protect people that might be infact enemies, not helpful, against America's economic interests, etc., American peole will have to judge that for themselves ..." 02/02/2017.



"... just spent about another 2 hours trying to make a police report of my new smart phone theft ... stolen this morning ... I have never experience this recurrent mobile phone pickpocketing or theft before in my life ... stranded again ... cost of stolen mobile plus purchase of another faces me again ... its so ridiculous ..." 03/02/2017.





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